Managed Infrastructure

Exacore Managed Infrastructure

Customize Your Dedicated Server – Processor, Memory, Operating System, Local Storage, Virtualization, RAID Configuration etc., be it bare metal, virtualization or a private cloud.

Types of Service

  • Managed - Includes performance optimization and OS patching, backups and restores.
  • Intensive - Includes response time guarantee, advanced system performance, drive monitoring and more.

Managed Application Hosting

Choose from our customizable bare metal offerings to maintain control of IT environment without getting bogged down by managing day-2-day operations

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization cuts hardware costs and accelerate deployment. Server virtualization divides a physical server into multiple virtual machines (VMs) by separating the compute environment from the hardware layer.

As each VM can run its own operating system and applications, virtualization reduces the need for additional server infrastructure and provides a cost-effective way to deliver different types of services.

Middleware Services

Identity Management

  • Ensure compliance with corporate policies, regulatory requirements and secure critical applications and sensitive data
  • Directory integration services - Integration of user directories across an organization to provide a single point of control
  • Access control solutions - Access control solution allow single sign-on, federation, strong authentication, role based access.
  • User management & provisioning services - Delegated user management, self-servicing, account provisioning and workflow enabled automation