Managed Services

Exacore Managed Services

In simple terms, Managed Services is the practice of transferring day-to-day operations of selected IT systems and services to an external service provider as a strategy to embark upon high efficiency in operations, in a cost-effective manner.

As a managed service provider, Exacore takes up end-to-end accountability and ownership which lowers your risk. Our services offer you the flexibility and enable you to concentrate on your core business instead of handling day-to-day operations and technology issues. We offer 3 categories of managed services.

Exacore will deploy a sustainable application support model with these following objectives:

DBA Services

  • ERP Application Upgrade
  • Platform Migration for Database, ERP Application
  • Disaster Recovery & High Availability (RAC, DG)
  • Performance Tuning / Optimization
  • Remote DBA Support

Managed Hosting

  • Cloud Migration
  • Managed Infrastructure
  • Application Hosting
  • Virtualization

Middleware Services

  • Identity Management
  • Application Management
  • Application Integration
  • SOA Services
  • Oracle Mobile Platform
  • IOT Operations
  • API Services
  • Business Intelligence


Database is at the heart of high-value business applications and organizations leverage DBA services for high availability, which is core to the smooth functioning of the business. Exacore understands that maintains database performance, availability, bug fixes and multi-lingual requirements. We start with a database health check to ensure it is performing at optimum levels. We prepare a review document and offer recommendations to increase performance and/or fix systemic problems.

Database and Application upgrade/ migration

  • Major release upgrade or point release update
  • Three rounds of test migrations/upgrades
  • A full production upgrade
  • Ongoing support during both phases of the test migration
  • 24x7 post-production support

Cross Platform Migration

  • Consider the database and application tier migrations separately and plan to perform the database migration first.
  • Right migration process for the database while considering the target platform, database size and process complexity.
  • Migrate and upgrade your EBS application tier from 11i to R12 by laying down the new application tier on the target platform as part of the upgrade.

Disaster Recovery & High Availability

  • Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) provides highest database availability by removing individual database servers as a single point of failure.
  • Oracle RAC One Node provides an Oracle Database fail over solution for that facilitates the clustered infrastructure.
  • Data Guard maintain one or more synchronized copies of a database to protect Oracle data from failures, disasters, human error, and data corruptions.
  • Oracle Golden Gate is a high-performance software application for real-time transactional change data capture, transformation & delivery, offering unidirectional, bidirectional, and multi-master data replication.

Performance Tuning

  • Application Tuning
  • Memory & Disk I/O Tuning
  • Eliminate Database Contention
  • Tuning the Operating system
  • Configuration Optimization
  • Load Balancing

Monitoring and Remote DBA support

  • Proactive monitoring & support of mission-critical systems
  • Backup Assurance, Recovery, Performance management
  • Database, application patches and Critical updates
  • Database, application security management
  • Operating System Support (Linux, Solaris)