ERP Consulting

  • Maximize your return with investment on ERP implementation

Teaming up with Exacore, your objective will be continuous improvement. Our mission is to successfully lead you through business process improvement strategies and tactics that drive your business performance improvement through the selection or maintenance of the right ERP. You will work smarter with effectivity and efficient processes

We will help reduce your effort, resources and cost. Your overall business processes will improve. You will see increases in productivity, information timeliness and accuracy, customer satisfaction and business performance. We will guide you to a faster ROI.

When you consider ERP services, consider that every ERP project is a new journey. The journey to a new enterprise system can be costly, complex, and fraught with risk. Exacore ERP services and guidance helps you transform your business systems to modern technology, and make significant improvements to your business performance from that technology transformation.

We help you manage and remove the obstacles to controlling risk, cost and complexity so your company can achieve a maximum ROI on your technology investments.

The decision to upgrade or implement a new ERP system is likely one of the most complex and resource-intensive initiatives a company will face. For many organizations, the first step is to make the business case for ERP. However, few organizations can effectively manage this effort alone.

Exacore ERP Consultants brings significant experience helping midmarket service providers, manufacturers and distributors drive an effective justification process. Five critical areas for justification are outlined:

  • Performing an assessment of the company’s internal business environment
  • Documenting the current state business challenges
  • Clarifying the desired state and value of improved processes from ERP
  • Considering the total cost factors of an ERP upgrade or new selection
  • Taking a close look at ROI of the ERP investment