At Exacore, we understand the importance of keeping your Oracle EBS system up to date to maximize efficiency, enhance performance, and stay ahead of the competition. Thats why we offer comprehensive upgrade services tailored to meet your specific business needs. Whether youre currently running on older versions of Oracle EBS or looking to leverage the latest features and functionalities, our expert team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Our ERP upgrade services include:

  • Audit the used applications and current version levels
  • Review of newest versions available and additional functionality provided
  • Pre Upgrade Assessment and Upgrade
  • Resolution of any version compatibility issues between applications and the OS
  • Testing of upgraded version in test and production environments
  • Retrofit/Re engineering of required customizations in test and production environments
    Database Administration
  • Ensure upgraded ERP retains or enhances functionality, reliability and efficiency

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Why Upgrade Oracle E-Business Suite?

Enhanced Functionality: With each new release, Oracle introduces innovative features and improvements to enhance the overall functionality of EBS. Upgrading allows you to take advantage of these enhancements and unlock new capabilities that can significantly improve your business processes.

Improved Performance and Scalability: Upgrading to the latest version of Oracle EBS ensures that your system is running on a modern and optimized infrastructure. This translates into improved performance, increased scalability, and better utilization of hardware resources, enabling your organization to handle growing data volumes and user demands efficiently.

Enhanced Security: Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, and Oracle continually releases security patches and updates to address vulnerabilities. Upgrading to the latest version ensures that your EBS system is equipped with the most up-to-date security features, providing a robust defense against potential risks and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Simplified Integration: Oracle EBS upgrades often come with improved integration capabilities, making it easier to connect with other systems, such as CRM, HR, and SCM applications. Streamlining your business processes through seamless integration can result in increased productivity and reduced manual effort, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Our Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Services:

  • Assessment and Planning: Our team of experienced consultants will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current EBS environment to understand your unique business requirements, technical infrastructure, and customization needs. Based on this analysis, well develop a detailed upgrade roadmap and strategy tailored to minimize downtime and disruptions.
  • Upgrade Execution: Our certified experts will handle the end-to-end upgrade process, including the installation of the latest Oracle EBS version, migration of your data and configurations, and testing to ensure a smooth transition. We follow industry best practices and employ proven methodologies to minimize risks and ensure a successful upgrade.
  • Customization and Extension: We understand that every organization has unique business processes and customizations. Our team will carefully assess your customizations and extensions and provide expert advice on how to migrate and adapt them to the upgraded EBS environment. We ensure that your critical functionalities are preserved and seamlessly integrated into the new version.
  • Performance Optimization: As part of our upgrade services, we optimize your Oracle EBS system to leverage the full potential of the latest version. Our team will fine-tune configurations, review performance metrics, and provide recommendations to enhance system response times, batch processing, and overall user experience.
  • Post-Upgrade Support: Our commitment doesnt end with the completion of the upgrade. We offer ongoing support services to address any issues or questions that may arise after the upgrade. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the long-term success and smooth operation of your Oracle EBS system.

Take the next step towards a more efficient and competitive business environment. Contact us today to discuss your Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade requirements and schedule a consultation with our experts. Together, well unlock the full potential of your Oracle EBS system and pave the way for future growth and success.

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Exacore's ERP upgrade enhances your system's functionality, providing new features, improved workflows, and better overall performance tailored to your business needs.
If you're experiencing slow performance, outdated features, or compatibility issues, it might be time for an upgrade. Our team can assess your system and recommend the best course of action.
The duration of an EBS upgrade varies based on factors such as system complexity and customization. Our process includes assessment, planning, testing, and deployment to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition.