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Financial Insights with Oracle Command Centre

Posted on 2024-01-24 | Shainesh Prakashan


Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Release 12 (R12) includes a feature known as the "Enterprise Command Center" (ECC). The Enterprise Command Centre is designed to provide users with a centralised and comprehensive view of critical business information within the Oracle EBS environment. It offers interactive dashboards and workbenches tailored to specific business areas, allowing users to monitor, analyse, and act on key performance indicators (KPIs) and business processes.

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Oracle General Ledger Command Centre

In the dynamic realm of financial management, the General Ledger Command Centre stands out as a key player within the Enterprise Command Center. This module serves as a vital tool for comparing and analysing an organisations financial accounts across different periods. With a centralised approach and the use of cutting-edge tools like key metrics and drillable graphs, users gain the power to monitor, track, and measure financial performance, paving the way for informed decision-making based on precise data.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Account Analysis: Gain a comprehensive overview of crucial financial accounts, reviewing both posted and unposted activities to enhance analytical accuracy.
  • Visibility and Alteration in Journal Process: Empower users to edit interface lines, manage unposted journals directly, and streamline pending transactions for a more efficient financial process.
  • Trend Analysis: Leverage historical data for trend analysis, offering valuable insights for forecasting and strategic decision-making.
  • Inspection of Business Transactions: Review business transactions at various levels and account hierarchies, with the ability to drill down into sub ledgers and journal sources for detailed analysis.
  • Detailed Analysis of GL Balances: Delve into business information by reviewing Year-to-Date open and closing balances, detailed trial balances, and more.
  • Impeccable Accounting Cycle: Ensure a seamless flow of the accounting cycle with integrated features for enhanced financial management.

Seeded Dashboards available in General Ledger are as follows

Account Analysis Dashboard:

  • Summarised and detailed view of posted and unposted journals.
  • Enables viewing of period activities by Chart of Accounts and Account Hierarchy.
  • Facilitates evaluation of financial performance by comparing data from various periods.
  • Utilises the Network Diagram feature to track journals and analyze transactions.

Journal Processing Dashboard:

  • Inspects and corrects journal processing errors, focusing on those ready for import.
  • Streamlines the processing of error lines, ensuring efficiency in the General Ledger.
  • Period Activity by Account Hierarchy.

Balances Dashboard:

Assists in analysing Year-to-Date account balances and trial balances.
Monitors and tracks account balances, transforming data into actionable business insights.



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