Why NetSuite?

Posted on 2023-06-20 | Prajeesh P

Companies have long since realised the importance of using ERP systems for their day to day functioning. To increase the efficiency of diverse business processes and enable employee productivity, organizations use ERP systems that work seamlessly with relevant information. ERP systems have revolutionized the way organizations perform business by segregating responsibilities and roles along with organizing information pertinent to said roles and responsibilities.

While there are several different types of ERP systems, traditionally organizations focussed on hosting their ERP systems on their premises. In light of organizations branching out to global business locations, companies took to maintaining multiple locations. With different time zones and potential natural disasters causing data loss, organizations wanted an alternative that was safer, accessible and not dependent on location. ERP system providers started looking at cloud storage for their systems.

While most ERP systems worked to migrate their on premise solutions to cloud storage, NetSuite’s innate advantage is that NetSuite is a truly cloud ERP since it was born in the cloud. NetSuite was designed to work on the cloud and provide real time information from business systems such as finance, sales, distribution, customer relationship management and logistics. Simply put, this means an organization running on NetSuite can access their systems from anywhere and on any device with absolute certainty that data integrity and security has not been compromised.

In the present global climate, NetSuite proves its versatility in providing organizations and management teams with an accurate view of their business goals and objectives. NetSuite’s inherent architecture that utilizes roles and responsibilities allows teams located in different time zones to collaborate effectively to increase productivity and ensure business continuity. NetSuite offers stability and consistency in the present climate of constant change.

Why Netsuite is becoming Customers Choice ?

Organizations looking for a complete ERP solution can be sure of the following advantages with NetSuite

  1. Very competitive product on Licencing and Implementation cost
  2. Real time data and view through custom dashboards
  3. Secure access to systems using roles and responsibilities
  4. Uninterrupted system availability since NetSuite is on the Cloud
  5. Planned and world-wide updates to ensure everyone in the world is on the same version at the same time

Why should you choose Exacore IT Solutions is a implementation Partner of Netsuite ?

  • Exacore has a matured consulting team with expertise in implementing ERP for Big and small implementation
  • Netsuite SCM team capable of implementation of base application like Inventory, Order Management and distribution, Procurement and Advance SCM like Warehouse Management system with Barcode
  • Netsuite Finance Consultant with good understanding of domain and Netsuite Product implementation for Financial reporting, Accounts payables, Accounts receivables, Fixed Assets and Costing Modules
  • Capabilities of customising the features of the application as per the requirement of the customer

For your ERP needs, contact us. We have a team capable of taking you through NetSuite and its various modules to enable your business needs.

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